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New Hunting System-Fenrir`
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Whether you are hunting small game by yourself or large prey animals with the pack, hunting is fairly straight forward. We use a bot, Fenrir`, that utilizes a simple input/output format that recognizes characters and rewards experience points (xp) through their success in tracking and hunting prey.  All you need to hunt is to know a few basic commands and when to use them!

Experience and Levels

Just to get it out of the way and to make sense of some of the level-restricted commands, let's talk about levels and xp. Your character gets xp for every successful tracking attempt and for every successful hit upon its prey. Characters will also be given xp for their progression in the pack and through rp events. Every character starts out at 0xp and level 1.  Levels are capstones for your character that give them added bonuses to their attempts to track and attempts to strike at prey during the hunt. These bonuses and the xp needed to progress into the next level are as follows:

0-100        Level 1     +0 to rolls
101-250    Level 2     +1 to rolls
251-450    Level 3     +2 to rolls
451-700    Level 4     +3 to rolls
701-1050  Level 5     +4 to rolls

How to Start a Hunt

Starting a hunt differs based upon your position within the pack and in the bot.  Newer and unseasoned characters (level 1-2) are unfamiliar with the packlands and are not yet capable of tracking specific prey. To begin a hunt as a level 1 or 2 you must make a post to the effect that your character is scenting what is around them. Then, in a separate post, type !scent. Fenrir` will respond with what is likely around you and will give you a chance to follow or not follow after that scent. Example of this is as follows:

* @Faolan takes stock of the scents around the western treeline of the hunting grounds.
<@Faolan> !scent
<+`Fenrir>  The lingering scent of a Dall_Sheep(BigGame) lies on the wind. Does Faolan follow?

Remember, only lead hunters, Betas, and Alphas can initiate a big game hunt, but for our example we'll continue on. To progress in following after this scent simply make an action post stating that your character follows. Example of this is as follows:

* @Faolan follows
<+`Fenrir>  Faolan follows after the scent for just a short ways before seeing a few blades of tall grass quiver with the passage of some creature within.

At this point the hunt has begun and you may start to try and attack your prey. To do this you make a post attempting to strike at your target. In a separate post type ,, This command is read by Fenrir` as an attack roll and will generate either a successful attempt or failed attempt as follows:

* @Faolan sees his prey just ahead of a cropping of tall grass. Seizing on his chance, he strikes out after the Dall_Sheep in hopes to get a bite into its flank.
<@Faolan> ,,
<+`Fenrir> Faolan hit the Dall_Sheep(BigGame) and does 6 points of damage to it! Roll was 17
<+`Fenrir> Dall_Sheep(BigGame) is at 24 .

The hunt continues for as long as the prey is alive and as long as your wolf stays above -10hp. The prey will always have a chance to either attempt to flee or hit the wolves involved in a hunt. If you wish to give up on a hunt simply type !giveup in a separate post.

How to Hunt for Specific Prey--Tracking

A separate command is available to hunt with for levels 3+ (seasoned hunters and those familiar enough with the packlands). This command is specific to the type of prey you are wishing to attempt to track. For a quick list, simply type !preylist and Fenrir` will generate a list that is currently available to your character. Hunting rules still apply.  Example:

<@Faolan> !preylist
<+`Fenrir>  The list of prey items you can track are: Small game- rabbit, marmot, vole, mouse, squirrel, hare, riverotter, and beaver; Medium game- blacktail and dallsheep; Large game- Muskox, Bison, Elk, and Caribou

To start to track after your prey type out its name with a ! in the front of it. For example, to attempt to track and hunt a rabbit type out !rabbit in an action. Example:

* @Faolan pads along the course of stream within the hunting ground and attempts to track a !riverotter
<+`Fenrir>  A tracking event has been setup to find a RiverOtter with an added difficulty class of 3 and a needed number of successes of 4 to find. Good luck!

From here, tracking is very similar to hunting. You will make a post attempting to track your prey followed by a separate line with the command ^^  Fenrir` will roll for your prey and for you (including your bonuses) and will generate whether you succeeded in following after the trail or whether you failed. There are critical successes and failures that can be generated. Not every prey/target will have the same number of successes needed to find it, but each target will have a total of 5 failures before the wolf loses the trail! Example:

* @Faolan would take stock of the scents and attempt to find a viable trail to follow.
<@Faolan> ^^
<+`Fenrir> The RiverOtter outwits Faolan and extends its lead upon the tracking wolf or wolves. The RiverOtter is on 1 out of 5 failures needed to escape!

This exchange will go on until you either find your target or lose it. If you find it, then Fenrir` will give you the option to report back your findings via rp or continue on with hunting it. Example:

<+`Fenrir> Faolan has found and followed the trail of their target well enough to continue tracking. The tracking party is on 4 out of 4 successful attempts needed to complete their task.
<@Faolan> ^^
<+`Fenrir>  The RiverOtter has been successfully tracked. Report back of your findings or begin the hunt!

Hunting in this scenario is the same as usual. You will post your attempt at striking the prey followed by the command ,, and Fenrir` will generate a success or failure for you and the other wolves to respond to.

Good luck and be sure to ask any questions should you have them!

Folaigh do chreideamh ar shiúl ón bhfianaise ar chúis!!